Industrial Cathedral

Industrial Cathedral
"Industrial Cathedral" charcoal drawing on paper 131 x 131 cm Jane Bennett. This drawing was a finalist in the 1998 Dobell Prize for Drawing (Art Gallery of N.S.W.) ; Finalist in 1998 Blake Prize for Religious Art ; Winner of 1998 Hunter's Hill Open Art Prize

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why the hullaballoo about Barangaroo?

Discussion at the Frances Keevil Gallery
Why the hullaballoo about Barangaroo? 

2 – 4pm Sunday March 10

plein air oil painting of Barangaroo and Millers Point by artist Jane Bennett
DH248 'The wharves and High St from the Stamford on Kent' 2007 oil on canvas 75 x 100cm
Galleries and collectors are slowly waking up after their annual summer hibernation. The Art market is as seasonal as fruit-picking. 
March is "Art Month".All of the galleries bring out the big guns to impress. 
My solo exhibition "From the Hungry Mile to Barangaroo" is the signature event of the Frances Keevil Gallery for Art Month.
Instead of doing the usual artist's talk to accompany the show I thought that I'd try something a bit different.
The trouble with artist's talks is that they probably only really interest other artists.

So what would interest the average Sydney-sider?

How about ludicrous amounts of money, murky politics, waterfront real estate to die for ..... and a little whiff of scandal?
Sounds very Sydney to me.

After a great deal of thought, many emails and even more phone calls, I have put together  a carefully selected panel for a no holds barred discussion about Barangaroo.
I hope that it will be a balanced yet informative discussion. Some past history and controversy will be aired, but it's an opportunity to discuss some of the many complex issues raised by the Barangaroo development in front of the exhibition of paintings I actually created on the site.

The  participants are:

  •  Graham Jahn AM 
Director City Planning Development and Transport, City of Sydney
legendary activist and 'Grandfather of the Green Bans', who was also a member of the jury that chose the original design for Barangaroo

  • Philip Thalis
principal of Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects, whose design team won the competition to design Barangaroo - yet whose design has not been adopted for the actual construction.

  • John McInerney 
former Councillor of the City of Sydney and now President of "Australians for Sustainable Development". John also actually lives in Millers Point, the suburb adjacent to Barangaroo.

recently elected Independent Member for Sydney, whose stirring maiden speech in Parliament voiced concerns about the fate of the residents of Millers Point during the Barangaroo development

And last, but not least, 

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