Industrial Cathedral

Industrial Cathedral
"Industrial Cathedral" charcoal drawing on paper 131 x 131 cm Jane Bennett. This drawing was a finalist in the 1998 Dobell Prize for Drawing (Art Gallery of N.S.W.) ; Finalist in 1998 Blake Prize for Religious Art ; Winner of 1998 Hunter's Hill Open Art Prize

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Demolition of Cruise ship Terminal at Darling Harbour 8
The Gantry
Breakfast in the ruins with my half finished canvas of the last gantry of Wharf 8, the former cruise ship terminal of Barangaroo
My painting of the last gantry of Wharf 8
'Gantry (keep)' Almost finished oil painting on canvas 46 x 36 cm
I had wondered if the gantries were to be kept intact and possibly recycled for use at the new cruise ship terminal soon to be built at White Bay.
Ironically they are instead about to be demolished by the very same man who built the orange gantry only 8 years ago.
More irony :
At the foot of the gantry is an incongrous inscription in fading and cracked fluorescent cadmium yellow capital letters :
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